Clean Thesis

Clean Thesis is a clean, simple, and elegant LaTeX style for thesis documents.

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Clean, Simple, Elegant

Clean Thesis is a LaTeX style for thesis documents, developed for my diplom thesis (Diplomarbeit). The style can be understood as my personal compromise — a typical clean looking scientific document combined and polished with minor beautifications.

The design of the Clean Thesis style is inspired by user guide documents from Apple Inc. (e.g. iMovie '08 or Keynote '09).

If you are looking for an exact and correct style regarding typographic rules, please have a look at the Classic Thesis Style.

Idea and Inspiration

The idea of providing my customized style for thesis documents passed through my mind while writing my own thesis. Motivated and inspired by the superb "Classic Thesis Style" by André Miede (thanks to André for doing a great job) I decided to collect all design and style related functionality in a separate LaTeX style and provide this style to other thesis writers.

Donation = 3 Easy Ways

If you like the Clean Thesis style, or you have used it for one of your own documents successfully there are (at least) three different but pretty easy ways of saying thank you.

Report issues

If you have ideas for new features, suggestions for improvements or you encounter problems and errors using the Clean Thesis style please report them using the issue tracker at the GitHub Project or send an email to issueSpamProtectionStringInEmail[at]

Be Social

I would very much appreciate a donation in the form of a blog post, tweet, or facebook post. Share your experience and your opinion. Talk to your friends, fellow students, or colleagues about the Clean Thesis style.

Send a Postcard

Based on the idea of André Miede: I would be very pleased about a donation in the form of a POSTCARD. You can find my address in the file cleanthesis.pdf inside the style package. I am going to collect all postcards and exhibit them on this website.

Development, Contribute

The latest version of Clean Thesis is still in development. If you're an expert regarding TeX and you like to support the Clean Thesis project, you're welcome to get in touch with me using GitHub.